Boat trips

Boat trips

Excursions on the River Temo

The River Temo is the only navigable river in Sardinia and stretches for approximately 6km, from its’ mouth at Bosa Marina. An excursion on this River provides a different viewpoint from which to admire the town of Bosa including the Church of St Peter, the old Tanneries (XVIII century), many relics of industrial archaeology, and all of the nineteenth-century buildings which dominate the medieval district of Sa Costa and Malaspina Castle. After passing the nineteenth-century bridge made of the volcanic rock trachyte and the Cathedral of the Immaculate, you can admire the incomparable beauty of nature, the former Cathedral of St. Peter, and the ruins of the Roman bridge which are found on the site of the Bosa Vetus, the old Roman city.

Excursion to the Coast

The boat trip from the port of Bosa Marina goes all the way up to the cape of Capo Marrargiu, following a rugged and virtually untouched coastline inhabited only by the griffin vulture. The navigation along the coast provides the opportunity to see several bays (some of which cannot be reached from the mainland), the small cave of Marrargiu and of course lots of truly stunning scenery. Along the way you can see the beautiful coves of Cala rapina, Cala ‘and Moros, S’Abba Druche, Torre Argentina, and Tentizzos. Whilst on the excursion there are two stops for swimming, one at Puerto Managu and the other at Cumpoltittu.

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