The Story

Since 1896

The ancient Palazzo Sa Pischedda lies in the enchanting valley of the Malaspina Castle (1112) only 30 m from the historic old Bridge and the Temo River.

The Art Nouveau building was built by the former owner Mr. Muroni following the great urban evolution and commercial development of Bosa. This building was built in 1896 and still holds ancient ‘frescoes’ painted by Emilio Scherer (Parma 1845 – Bosa 1924) . Now Bosa is one of the largest towns in Sardinia and specialises in the production of leather, fruit, vegetables, tuna and wine, trading within Sardinia and abroad.

The hotel is located a few metres from the Sas Conzas old tanneries, which used to be a place of residence for people of all kinds of social standings, such as judges, engineers, bankers, landowners and horsemen.

During your stay you can also request to see the old registration cards and the hotels’ ancient records which give you a sense of the history, culture and charm, unique to Bosa.

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