Surrounding area

Surrounding area

For lovers of culture and tradition we highly recommend visiting the surrounding villages of Bosa, in the Planargia area.

Just 10 km from Bosa, and easily accessible by car, are the towns of Flussio and Tinnura, which specialise in the making of artistic interlacing fibres of asphodel, willow and reed. From early spring you can see the vegetable fibres, used to make Sardinian baskets, hung out to dry in the sun around the streets of the town.

Around Tinnura you will also see many paintings on the walls around the town, which in recent years have came to be considered art. Almost all of the houses are decorated with these large, beautiful murals, which are admired by visitors and residents of the small town. These paintings depict scenes from folklore and daily life (in particular bread making and farming activities) and provide an insight into a past lifestyle when life was not so hectic and people were granted time to stop and reflect upon the art of others.

Sardinia is also recognised for its chocolate and we recommend that all visitors wishing to discover new flavours visit the Sperandri chocolate shop in Suni, which is a small village approx 7km from Bosa. Sardinia is rarely linked with the manufacture of chocolate as the black colour of cocoa usually evokes images of the mountains of northern Italy, the Swiss valleys of Piedmont, and pralines. However, our chocolate is truly delicious, marrying the rustic taste of cheese and the scent of myrtle. Sardinia also produces jellies in the flavour of raspberry, strawberry, myrtle, and prickly pear, and this has given rise to the name given in Sperandri of Jellies of Sardinia.

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