The beaches

The beaches

Bosa Marina

The large beach of Bosa Marina is particularly charming due to the presence of the majestic tower, located on top of the hill at the mouth of the river Temo, and which dominates the landscape. This beach is famous for its dark sand and can be easily reached by car or bike.


The beach can be reached from Turas Bosa Marina, by travelling south along the seafront for about 1.5 km. Turas beach is approx 300m long and has dark sand, which looks fantastic against the contrast of the crystal blue sea. It is also the ideal destination for surfers due to the regularly choppy waters.


Bosa’s beautiful coast offers spacious tranquillity (despite the mass influx of tourists) due to the many coves, beaches and cliffs, waiting to be discovered. For those who decide to spend their holidays in Bosa, we recommend you take the main road to Alghero where the coastline is constantly changing. Bays with sand and rocks are particularly picturesque due to their variety of colours and shapes, and secluded beaches and coves (easily reachable by paths) give the feeling of paradise lost.

We especially recommend the beach S’Abba Druche (fresh water) which is easily accessible and especially enjoyable during less busy periods, such as September. The beach is a mixture of sand and pebbles and the sea is fantastically clear, which along with the stunning surroundings offers the ideal location for relaxation. To get there, follow the signs for the Bosa-Alghero coast, about 4 km away from the town. If arriving by car, there is a small entrance fee, or alternatively you can easily arrive by bike. There is a restaurant, bar and nightclub (only open during summer months) and there are also facilities provided for tourists arriving in a camper/caravan.


If you continue for another 1km along the coast road you will see a large car park area on the left, and if you walk a few hundred metres further towards the sea, you will arrive directly to the pristine Cala Cumpoltittu. This hidden white sandy beach is a partially closed bay, and is surrounded by magnificent rocks – not to mention the gorgeous crystal clear sea. It also has an extra surprise waiting for you when you continue past the stretch of white sand as you will find a large expanse of white limestone rocks polished by the lapping of the sea.

These magnificent bays, coves, and cliffs lead to the beach of Torre Argentina (Torre is translated as tower), which is located 7 km from Bosa along the coast road to Alghero. The Torre Argentina beach has a large car park (where you can also park a camper), a bar and a restaurant. Access by car is free of charge. Near the tower there are many coves, each of a few hundred metres. You will also find some small sandy beaches and cliffs that are ideal for underwater exploration and snorkelling. The absence of any large beaches is more than compensated by the presence of flat rocks that give the landscape an almost lunar appearance.

This beach is always a favourite for both Bosa residents and tourists alike and in this area you can also see ruins of buildings from the time when the mines were in operation.

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